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Event Massage: Effective Marketing and Promotional Tools

Want your next marketing event to be a big hit? Chair Massage draws prospects to your booth and makes sure they leave with a positive feeling about your company.

Event massages are wonderful ways to relax and rejuvenate the body. Examples of event massages are:
  trade shows
  business events
  An industry or work event
  Business expo
  Promotional event
  Staff party
  Product launch
  Industry conference

Wellness Art  Massage can help you draw traffic to your booth with the irresistible offer of a Chair Massage. It's a great way to create a buzz around your brand. For a massage that will not be forgotten, check out this unique kind of offer.

We can attend events such as golf outings, corporate meetings, marketing tours, festivals, carnivals, or anywhere you can fit in Mobile Massage.
What's the biggest issue at a trade show or convention? Getting quality customer traffic, who  will actually spend a few minutes reviewing your product offerings.  With chair massage, potential clients literally walk into your booth, and stay there.

Pop Up Store

Wellness Art Massage can help take your event to the next level by helping you attract the audience and attention you're looking for. Chair Massage can be set up outside, inside, on rooftops, in tents, store fronts, shopping centres, hotel suites - anywhere we can help you establish your brand and sell your product.
Market your Label/ Brand
Want more? We can also get your message across with other branded massage tools, custom t-shirts. Massage therapists can wear your preferred colours, wearing your corporate logos or clothing displaying your marketing message  If you like - will provide a memorable experience for customers, partners and other important prospects at your show. We can pass out your promotional materials too as part of the event.

Add a special touch for all your clients or guests and provide them with their very own massage therapists for the event. Everyone will be relaxed and blissful and your event will surely be well remembered and talked about.

Wondering how to set up your event to include massage? Contact us, we can help with a few suggestions.


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