Empower your Company’s greatest asset, the EMPLOYEES!

Wellness Art is the TOP national Corporate Wellness Company specializing in Onsite Chair Massage Programs, Event Massage Services, Health Talks/ Workshops, Corporate Wellness and more. We can bring something to the table that no other company can. Let us design a Wellness Programme that works for your busy schedule.

The return on your investment is seen instantly. An in office massage will help relieve tension, while instituting a calm, peaceful, and productive working environment. Rejuvenated employees finish projects ahead of schedule, work satisfaction shoots through the roof, and you are declared employer of the year (it’s possible!)
Our Corporate Wellness health talk program is an interactive, guaranteed non-boring, informative way for your employees to learn and maintain a healthy, physical and mental body. We supply top-of-the-line interactive health talks on today’s current health topics.

Getting Started - 
Lunch n’ Learn lectures, seminars, and workshops are not only educational and informative but enjoyable. Lectures are typically 45 minutes to one hour.  All presentations are professionally delivered in PowerPoint format in interactive method. Weekly, monthly, or quarterly programs can be scheduled depending upon the needs of your group or organization.

Wellness Program

Everybody wins with Chair Massage and Health Talks. We come to you as the Mobile Massage Therapists with professional massage equipment that is completely portable.

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Event Massage

Put the finishing touch to your next event by providing seated massages to reward your attendees who have been engaging in sports activities, sitting, or standing for long periods of time.

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Proven to reduce absenteeism and work related health claims, corporate massage is a sound investment for large and small businesses alike.

You have deadlines to meet, projects behind schedule, and a team of stressed, unhappy and unproductive colleagues. Your workers are rubbing their necks from hunching over projects and complaining of headaches and strained eyes from slogging those late night hours.

Now imagine what will happen to your employees’ morale the moment you tell them  the good news. You’ve scheduled a team of certified massage therapist from Wellness Art to spend 15 minutes easing their sore muscles and soothing away those stress headaches. What do you think that can do for productivity? Chair Massage will breathe new life into your daily routine and make any event unique and memorable.

As well as catering to large and small businesses for regular weekly or monthly sessions, we also provide services at corporate events and expos, conferences, corporate games and sporting events, team building sessions, and work related functions.
Our Services
15/20/30 Minute Seated Massage
The recipient relaxes in our specially designed massage chair whilst the therapists work their neck, shoulders,   back, arms and hands. The 15 minute sequence is the most popular, allowing the optimum amount of time for the recipient to relax and enjoy the benefits of massage.
Roaming Chair Massage
This five or ten minute chair massage is ideal for call centres or any workplace where the recipient is required to remain at their desk. The therapist moves from workstation to workstation giving recipients a neck, shoulder and back massage with minimum interruption to work flow.
Events Massage
A real crowd pleaser at corporate functions, new product launching, conferences, trade-shows, fund raisers or even the great outdoors! We can take our equipment and talents virtually anywhere.

Interactive Health Talks/ Workshops
We offer Interactive Health Talks/ Workshops to businesses of all sizes which provide vital information to help employees on healthy living. Corporate health talks are becoming more and more common as employers recognizes the long term benefits for both employees and the employers.
Wellness Program
Wellness Program
Event Massage
Event Massage
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