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 Duration : 30 Hours
 Start : Weekly

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Reflexology is an extremely effective form of massage, relating to the ‘reflex points’ on the sole of the foot.  It has been practiced by numerous ancient healing cultures for thousands of years.

These points correspond to the organs and systems in the body, and are linked to those organs through ‘energy channels’, ‘zones’ or ‘meridians’. When illness or imbalance occurs, the corresponding ‘energy channels’ become blocked. Reflexology Massage aims to remove these blocks, thus allowing the energy to flow freely again.

When the Physiotherapist, Eunice Ingham first began mapping the entire bodily organs onto the feet, in the 1930’s, little did she realise that it would be the beginning of such a revolution in healing therapy. From that time on, it has been confirmed that by using pressure on the various points on the feet, along with massage, an improvement in both illness and ailment could be witnessed.

When you become a qualified WA massage therapist, a range of career opportunities are available to you. These include managing your own business, working within health retreats and spas, providing massage services to elite athletes, working in corporate health and more.

Wellness Art can help support and guide you as you make your way through the course and into your career.

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Wellness Art offers the flexibility to study some of your subjects online. With the support of an online dedicated trainer and a robust Learning Management System, you can fit study around your work and personal commitments.

Online study offers:
- Flexibility of study in both time and location
- All course material is available online
- Dedicated online trainer
- Ability to book one-on-one consultations

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I came with zero knowledge in this field, now I learn a lot of things like a pressure point and how to use breathing and put body weight. The environment is very enjoyable.
I will recommend to my friends and family members.

Barimala Neelakandan

So highly recommanded ! Come here if you want to learn in a super positive environement, in-depth about the technique and hands-on practice.

Trainers here are wonderful! Super skilled and very attentive to details.

Xavier Blanc

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