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 Duration : 30 Hours
 Start : Weekly

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Immerse yourself in all things aromatic, broaden your horizons and deepen your knowledge of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy Diploma Course

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts, which hold the vital force of the plant and many chemical constituents that can be used for healing. You’ll explore more about what essential oils are, applications for essential oils (and the dilutions you should use for each), and precautions and contraindications to be aware of before applying an aromatherapy treatment.

Many people come to an Aromatherapist to aid them with stress, but what is stress exactly and what affect does it have on the mind and body? This course answers these questions and outlines how massage and essential oils can help to relieve the symptoms of stress, with explicit direction on the oils to use for specific complaints.

When you become a qualified WA massage therapist, a range of career opportunities are available to you. These include managing your own business, working within health retreats and spas, providing massage services to elite athletes, working in corporate health and more.

Wellness Art can help support and guide you as you make your way through the course and into your career.

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Wellness Art offers the flexibility to study some of your subjects online. With the support of an online dedicated trainer and a robust Learning Management System, you can fit study around your work and personal commitments.

Online study offers:
- Flexibility of study in both time and location
- All course material is available online
- Dedicated online trainer
- Ability to book one-on-one consultations

Check with us to see which courses are available online.

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Finding Wellness Art, was a miracle to me. The principals are exceptionally loving individuals and the instructors are the most hardworking, knowledgeable, humble people I have ever encountered with. I have taken 3 courses here, you’ll love them.

Maryam Nazem

I've learnt massage and natural healing from many schools around the world before, in Europe, Australia and in Asia. The massage classes here are incomparable, this is the BEST school to date!

Felipe Fernandez

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