Student's Testimonial

Sonya Goodwin, I.T. Consultant

“Thank you Wellness Art. Words cannot express what happened over the few weeks of time spent with you and the group of classmates, you would be aware of what you have ignited in us all. Thank for your courage in being who you are, it was an honour to have the privilege of learning something so sacred from such a beautiful soul.

What a group of amazing people, we became good friends after a few classes.
You are a beautiful teacher and I thank you for sharing your gifts with me. I am looking forward to the next advance course.”
Edwige Alpy, Fitness Trainer, France

"Great teaching of massage knowledge, mixed with lots of patience and laughter.

I have learned a few massage skills in my country France for 4 years.
I have then decided to learn massage during my one year in Malaysia to proceed massage freelance in Europe.

I was happily surprised to find Wellness Art great ambiance and instructors, I love it. I didn't feel like just another student.
Thank you Wellness Art for giving me your precious knowledge in massage.
I will never forget my massage class with you. "
Derek Gomes, Energy Healer, Portugal

"Its truly a passion driven decision made, regardless of my age. Maybe i was just made for it!

Wellness Art is my most appropriate training platform for my development as a professional massage therapist.
Wellness Art has cleverly combined both Western and Eastern massage in their techniques and it is the basis of this art.

In one month, I have already earned back at least 60% of my training fee as guaranteed.
Great training Centre, Highly Recommended!"

Rosalinda Bueno, Filipino

“I learnt massage therapy from Wellness Art, I learnt Swedish Thai Massage, Reflexology Massage and Sport Injury Massage. Seeing my enthusiasm in massage, Pauline also trained me as a Massage Trainer.
There have been many changes in me since i started the course; I have earned more as a massage therapist and even more as a massage trainer. I have also expanded in my circle of friends and made so many true friends whom i still keep dearly in my life.
I feel more confident and am grateful to have a skill that heals and help people relax. I highly recommend all learning massage from Wellness Art, after all, it changed my life! “
Fonie Kok, Medical Sales

"Since 2013 October, I started to learn massage in Wellness Art Centre. I like here so much, our instructors are awesome!!
I come from Medical Sales background for 5 years. All these years I've learned different type of medicine to cure different type of sickness, which made me interested to explore more into alternative healing and I found "Massage".

I've develop the interest in bodywork & the healing process, as it satisfy me to see people getting relief in pain naturally without medicine.

I hope I can have my own massage business. Massage is Best! Massage is Best!"
Nurul Abdul Rahim, Banking Industry

“Thank you very much Wellness Art. My mother was the initial reason I learned massage as she suffers from stiff back and leg muscles all the time. I used to give her massage without knowing the right skill.

Unlike the training I had from Thailand, the training in Wellness Art (notes and trainers) is very, very thorough. The trainers are so informative and experienced. It was impossible not to get caught up in their enthusiasm for what they were teaching.”

Syed Ali, Project Manager

“A great quality course with good value for money. At 54 years of age, the trainers welcomed me and helped me to integrate my work with my schooling as much as possible. I was impressed with both the course structure and the standard of teaching staff.”
Irene Tan, Freelance Massage Therapist

“I used to be a full-time receptionist, but when I decided to switch career. I went with Wellness Art because the class times were the most flexible I could find and it had a professional environment. I have already started with the freelance massage business.”
Kamasiah Ahmad, Single Mother

"Thank you Jo, you are my inspiration.

I'm a single mother with 3 children; it was difficult for me to work in an 8 hour job. My financial has changed after learning massage courses with Jo, now I earn at least $3000per month. I am able to also spend more time with my dear children because of the flexibility."

Ben Lee, Chef

"Her doors are always open.

I started learning massage from Jo in 2005. Jo is a very kind, patient, and caring trainer. She also brings a lot of fun to the class. I've received many extra tips on starting the massage career."
Lee Jun Siang, Consultant

"I am so happy to know Pauline, also i learnt the correct massage technique from her. Since learning the massage course, i have helped so many people with muscle aches and relaxation. Not only have i earned extra income with the massage skills, i also made many friends in class and remain friends after course have completed.

We still meet up regularly to catch up and follow Pauline for her corporate massage programs.”
Sharon Chua, Massage Centre Owner

"What a fantastic course with such professional trainer. Very informative, extremely well priced with flexible schedule! It enabled me to fast track a career change into an industry and profession I just love!"

Alice Lee, Accountant

"I'm always proud to tell my client that I graduated from Wellness Art Massage School. I like the fact that the classes are small and that the trainers are knowledgeable and gave me a thorough understanding of massage, they take the time to explain course subjects and are very supportive to students who require extra help.

They always inspire students with confidence in classes and hence I started my massage career immediately after my course. There are a lot of interactions between the trainers and students in the classroom and create a happy, challenging and effective learning environment.

The environment here is sociable and many of my classmates have become friends.

I also like the fact that Wellness Art Massage School offers students a wide choice of Corporate and Event massage to enable the students to expose themselves in public to meet with different people for practical experience (and to earn back 100% of my school fee).

I started traveling to client's homes, working out of my own home, renting space from my friend's studio, building up a small client base, to build on my technique and confidence.

**I came to know that a career in massage therapy allows me to help people in a meaningful way.

I Highly Recommend Wellness Art to those who are eager to learn about massage for part time or planning to open a massage Centre in an effective way."
Fairos Osman, Ex-Engineer

“Unique massage techniques taught by my “Sifu” Jo.

Jo has allowed me to complete the classes with confident in and as a result, I’m earning $300/day. My family is enjoying the free service which was my initial motivation to learn.”
Federica Clemente, 33, Italy, Expat

"I've continued with Reflexology and Sports Injury course after the Swedish Thai Massage, and going back to Italy to proceed with massage as career.

Because of my visa, I couldn't get a job permit, I started thinking how to spend my time and earn some income. My trainers - Jo and Pauline are very kind, very clear in the explanation and above all patient with us students. "

Sarah Meng, Finance, France

" @michelleobama quotes "success isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in people's life". This is exactly what Wellness Art Massage School is giving to people who join the school. After one month with them, I feel like I join a new family.

I'm so grateful to be able to help and care about others.

The technique is really detailed. You know exactly why you should do that way what return the training even more interesting with concrete future prospects."
Pantira Rattanakit , Geologist, Thailand

"Beyond thankful for giving me a professional massage skill.Pauline and Jo are not only an excellent trainer but my best friend and my inspiration. Such a valuable experience being a student at wellness art massage school."
Zulhilmi Abdullah, Engineer, Malaysia

"Wellness Art is a good learning Centre to learn for massage skills and knowledge regardless of your background and knowledge level about massage.
The instructors are experience teachers and will share passionately to all students the right techniques and explain elaborately the benefits of each technique for the betterment of the receiver. Its about well being and sustainability of health between giver and receiver.

It has been a fulfilling experience to be able to apply the right techniques and made so many people life better especially our beloved family and friends everyday.
Feel the rejuvenating energy and make your first move towards wellness of the people we love around us !"

Teddy Ted, Project Manager, France

"It's a real pleasure to attend massage class every week! So easy with passionate and lovely trainers like Wellness Art school's!
Each class and corporate events are nice and friendly time you share with other students and customers."
Joseph C, Health And Safety Specialist

"I guess it was FATE that set me to this school and FATE as I am in Sports And Exercise Science to do this Massage Course. It was this school that made me realize what is important is the TEAM we built, The FAMILY we create, The FRIENDSHIP we form. It is easy to teach one to be skillful, but it is difficult to teach him/her own attitude because if you have trainers(Pauline, Jo, Frank, Jess)who are so dedicated yet full with laughter every single time, with vibrant energy and warmth environment; it is a rare Gem you could find in this rough world. But you can FIND it here in Wellness Art."
Yvette T JLin, Physiotherapist

"No regrets in taking the Thai and Swedish Massage course despite having the knowledge of the techniques as I now find myself healthier and stronger after    practicing the techniques taught by Jo and Pauline! I would have missed out the secrets of being an effective giver if I had insisted on learning only Sports  Injury  Massage.
 Looking for a place where you can meet people from all walks of life, who are also awesome and cheerful people (classmates & teachers) who love to share      knowledge & experience from different parts of the world? This is one place you should not miss!"

Joanne Cheah, IT Specialist

"This is a great place to learn massage, Jo and Pauline are very knowledgeable about different massage techniques and what is great is that they are always ready to share with their students. The most amazing part is being able to contribute and take part in their corporate massage which gave me practical skills and increase my confidence level. I would definitely recommend you to learn from this school!!! Happy Learning!!"
Ryan Chin, Nutritionist

"I went to different schools but eventually only Pauline & Jo successfully convinced me to learn massage. I signed up the courses on the spot after talked to them. The classes were conducted in a very professional yet relaxing environment, besides they also provide us opportunities to practice our skills in corporate event. I loved learning massage with them and enjoyed hanging around with all of the students here. Don't feel shy to join them if you're interested to learn massage!"
Gonzalo Parada, Argentina

"I will always be grateful for everything that I learned with wellness art. It is in this small family where people come from all around the world, in which I felt always welcome. All trainers are amazing and warm (special thanks to Jess, Pauline and Jo, my trainers through this great journey) they gave me the necessary support to start massage as a profession.
Then they have this amazing opportunity of doing corp massage, which provided me with the confidence needed to be a masseuse and at the same time making some incomes!!
What can i say?? I enjoyed very much the experience of studying with them."

韩桂芳医师 (Joanne Hang), Chinese Medicine Doctor

"感谢自己选对了这间按摩学校,老师们都很认真教导和热心帮助我们,是值得的! 之前学过按摩感觉很难,但是在Wellness Art 学习后感觉按摩不是一件难事."   " (Translate) Grateful I have chosen this school, the trainers are very Professional, Patient and always there to help especially tips on starting business. It was WORTH IT! I find learning massage in other places difficult, but Wellness Art has made it easy for me."
Niki Ong, Alternative Therapist (was engineer)

"My heartfelt gratitude to Pauline and Jo for being patient and passionate in guiding us with the massage skills.

Feeling so great that I could now massage my friends and family anywhere, anytime! "
Sophie Caillet, France

"Thank you Wellness Art for giving me your precious and genuine knowledge in massage. It has been an open mind to me as I always wanted to learn to help   and relax people with massage. Great quality course, very kind trainer, I highly recommend Wellness "

Salisa Low, Retiree Housewife

"I am now a housewife and doing massage part-time when my kids are at school till 4:30pm. Just finished calculating how much I earned as part-time, RM4,190 (Sept
2015). NOW mt income is RM9,660/monht!

As far as I am concerned, this is really good pocket money. Not sure how the rest of you feel. I am really grateful and thankful to Pauline and Jo including all my trainers, Frank and Jes. Love"
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